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So you need something "Notarized"

Most people look for a notary because someone told them to "get this Notarized." The problem is, that could mean a few different things. This post will address some of the most common reasons you might need a notary public, and what the notary stamp means in each case.

1) A Certified True Copy

This one is easiest. A "Certified True Copy" is where a Notary takes a copy of an original document. By stamping that copy, they certify that it is an unaltered likeness of the original document you brought. For example, if you needed to send a copy of your marriage licence to the Government of Canada because you were married in Cuba, you would send a certified true copy in stead of the original license.

2) Solemn Declaration or Affidavit

These are documents where someone is swearing something to be true. This could be as simple as an affidavit for your insurance company about damages to your car. Sometimes called a "commissioned oath," once it is stamped it carries the same weight as if it were given as evidence in a court. It is a crime to give false evidence under oath.

3) Witness the Execution of an Agreement

Sometimes Notaries are professional witnesses. They can use a stamp to signify that they have confirmed the identity of the parties to an agreement, and that they are each signing it willingly. Notaries do not offer legal advice on the content of the agreements, and are impartial between the parties.

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