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In Ontario, Public Notaries are appointed by the Attorney General to witness or certify, and attest, the execution of a document, or certify a true copy. They also exercise the powers of a Commissioner for taking Oaths in the Province of Ontario.


Do you need a Notary in Windsor?

Administer Oathes

Do you or your organization have a professional or official oath you need  administered, attested or commissioned? Call to speak to a Notary today.

Commission Affidavits

If you have an upcoming trial or hearing, let us help you swear or affirm an affidavit.

Certified True Copies

Bring in your original document and we can certify and attest a true copy for you with our Gold Seal Service.

Witness the Execution of Documents

While we do not offer Independent legal advice, we can help witness or certify and attest to the execution of your agreement or document.

Letters of Invitation

If your Immigration Consultant has given you a letter, or you have written your own, let us notarize it for you.

Statutory Declarations

If you have a statement to attest, like a "proof of loss" from your insurance company, or want to change your name after being married, call today.

Real Seal Service

Not just impressions in paper, we include a Gold Foil Seal for each document at no additional charge.


If you need a document Notarized, call to make an appointment or check our Walk-In hours. 

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