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Jon Sparling Paralegal, Small Claims, Landlord Tenant, Help, Legal Advice

Let's Meet

I'm Jon, and I am a licensed Paralegal.

​I am a graduate of both University of Windsor and St Clair College and I have lived and worked in Windsor for nearly 20 years. 


While still studying International Relations and Political Science at The University of Windsor, I began working in various law offices in the city as a trial aid, then process server and law clerk. Eventually I moved into legal research and drafting. In 2010 I graduated from St Clair College Windsor campus, as a member of their first paralegal class. I opened Sparling Paralegal in Windsor [ON] in June of 2011. 

I debated becoming a lawyer, but once paralegals were regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada [now the Law Society of Ontario], I knew this was the path for me. I am the son of a landlord and am now a landlord myself. Most of my life, renovations and construction went hand in hand with lease agreements, and I paid my way through university in the construction trades. As a paralegal, I draw on those experiences and  my hands on knowledge of the trades almost daily; it could be consulting on a landlord tenant lease agreement or providing a contractor with Small Claims Court help.   


Lawyers do wonderful things in and for the community, and Windsor is lucky to have some great ones, but a lawyer Size legal bill can often stand in the way of people getting the help and legal advice they need. Now that the limits in the Small Claims Court are up to $35,000.00, a Paralegal can help you resolve monetary disputes both large and small, without the expense of hiring a lawyer. We are here to help with small claims court claims related to unpaid bills, incomplete or poorly completed work, damage to property, and sales gone wrong.  If you want to evict a tenant for damage to property, were served a notice for eviction for late rent, want to collect on a debt, or are in a dispute with a contractor about faulty workmanship, a licensed paralegal could help for a fraction of the cost of a lawyer. 


Affordable justice, trusted experience, and honest legal advice; that's what I think is important in a paralegal services provider, and that is what I want my law firm to give the people of Windsor. 


519 564 3242 


After calling numerous places around town seeking advice what to do and what my options were for a situation I was in, Jon was more than happy to take the time to hear me out and give me some options and advice. Every other place I called was only interested telling me there rates and insisting I need to make an appointment to even talk with me. Jon was the only one interested in helping at all. Great service and extremely knowledgeable

Josh Gaspar

Professional and effective. Very knowledgeable about Landlord-Tenant. Excellent result, and reasonable and transparent pricing.

Bryan Rowe

Standing ovation for Jon. He took the time to provide easily the best legal industry advice I’ve ever received. To say I’m appreciative is an understatement! To the reader of this review: If you’re looking for legal representation that’s extremely knowledgeable, extremely ethical, a nice guy and an engaging story-teller…well… you’ve found your man.

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